Medical Devices

  • UV Phone Sterilizer

    UV Phone Sterilizer

    Your smart phone is more grody than you think. With global pandemic of Covid-19, smart phone users pay more attention to Bacteria breeding on their phones. Sanitizing devices that use UV light to kill pathogens and superbugs have been around in th...
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  • Electric Injector

    Electric Injector

    Electric injector/syringe is new developed medical instrument. It’s a integrated system. Automated injector systems not only precisely control the amount of contrast used; vendors have moved into the software/IT arena by offering personalize...
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  • Urine Analyzer

    Urine Analyzer

    Urine analyzer or other body fluid medical analyer use stepper motor to move test paper forward/backward, and light source irradiates the test paper at the same time. The analyzer makes use of light absorption and light reflection. The reflected l...
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