High Precision Control

  • Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle(ROV)

    Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle(ROV)

    Civil underwater remote operated vehicles(ROV)/underwater robots are generally used for entertainment, such as underwater exploration and video shooting. Underwater motors are required to have strong corrosion resistance against seawater. Our unde...
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  • Robotic Arm

    Robotic Arm

    Robotic arm is an automatic control device that can imitate the functions of human arm and complete various tasks. Mechanical arm has been widely used in industrial automation, mainly for work that can not be done manually or to save labor cost. S...
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  • 3D Print

    3D Print

    The working principle of a 3D printer is to use Fused Deposition Modeling technique (FDM), it melts hot-melt materials and then hot material is sent to a sprayer. The sprayer moves with pre-programmed path, to build wanted shape. There are at leas...
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  • CNC Machine

    CNC Machine

    Computerized Numerical Control Machine, also known as CNC machine, is an automatic machine tool with programmed control system. Milling cutter can achieve high precision, multiple dimension movement, under preset program. To cut and drill the mate...
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