• Vehicle Headlamp

    Vehicle Headlamp

    Compared with conventional car headlamps, the new generation high-end car headlamps have automatic adjustment function. It can automatically adjust the light direction of headlights according to different road conditions. Especially in the road co...
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  • Electrically Actuated Valve

    Electrically Actuated Valve

    Electrically actuated valve is also called as motorized control valve, is specially widely use on gas valve. With a geared linear stepper motor, it can control gas flow precisely. It’s used on industrial production and residential devices. For res...
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  • Textile Machinery

    Textile Machinery

    With the continuous increase of labor costs, the demand for automation and intelligence of equipment in textile enterprises is becoming more and more urgent. In this context, intelligent manufacturing is becoming the breakthrough and focus of a ne...
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  • Packaging Machinery

    Packaging Machinery

    Automatic packaging machinery is used in the fully automated assembly line to improve production efficiency. At the same time, manual operation is not required in the automatic packaging process, which is clean and sanitary. In the production of l...
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  • Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle(ROV)

    Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle(ROV)

    Civil underwater remote operated vehicles(ROV)/underwater robots are generally used for entertainment, such as underwater exploration and video shooting. Underwater motors are required to have strong corrosion resistance against seawater. Our unde...
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  • Robotic Arm

    Robotic Arm

    Robotic arm is an automatic control device that can imitate the functions of human arm and complete various tasks. Mechanical arm has been widely used in industrial automation, mainly for work that can not be done manually or to save labor cost. S...
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  • Vending Machine

    Vending Machine

    As a way of saving labor costs, vending machines are widely distributed in large cities, especially in Japan. The vending machine has even become a cultural symbol. By the end of December 2018, the number of vending machines in Japan had reached a...
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  • UV Phone Sterilizer

    UV Phone Sterilizer

    Your smart phone is more grody than you think. With global pandemic of Covid-19, smart phone users pay more attention to Bacteria breeding on their phones. Sanitizing devices that use UV light to kill pathogens and superbugs have been around in th...
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  • Electric Injector

    Electric Injector

    Electric injector/syringe is new developed medical instrument. It’s a integrated system. Automated injector systems not only precisely control the amount of contrast used; vendors have moved into the software/IT arena by offering personalize...
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  • Urine Analyzer

    Urine Analyzer

    Urine analyzer or other body fluid medical analyer use stepper motor to move test paper forward/backward, and light source irradiates the test paper at the same time. The analyzer makes use of light absorption and light reflection. The reflected l...
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  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning

    Air conditioning, as one of most commonly used household appliances, have greatly promoted the production quantity and development of BYJ stepping motor. BYJ stepper motor is permanent magnet motor with gearbox inside. With the gearbox, it can ach...
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  • Full-automatic Toilet

    Full-automatic Toilet

    Full-automatic toilet, also known as intelligent toilet, originated in the United States and is used for medical treatment and elderly care. It was originally equipped with warm water washing function. Later, through South Korea, Japanese sanitary...
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