Electrical Lock / Valve

  • Electrically Actuated Valve

    Electrically Actuated Valve

    Electrically actuated valve is also called as motorized control valve, is specially widely use on gas valve. With a geared linear stepper motor, it can control gas flow precisely. It’s used on industrial production and residential devices. For res...
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  • Electronic Lock

    Electronic Lock

    Public locker is widely used in public places such as gym, school, supermarket and so on. Unlocking needs an electronic locks by scanning ID card or bar code. The movement of lock is implemented by a gearbox DC motor. In general, a worm gearbox is...
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  • Sharing Bike

    Sharing Bike

    Sharing-bike market developed rapidly in recent few years, specially in China. Sharing bike is getting more popular for several reasons: low cost compared to taxi, riding a bike as exercise, also it’s green and environment friendly, and so on. &nb...
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